Thursday, July 5, 2007

Last Post

It's starting to become pretty clear to me that this is done. The main reason is that, for a while, I had nothing to do with hockey. I figured that once next season started, I'd come back to this. But when the free agent signings (Smytty as an Av is freaking me out) brought me back even sooner and I still couldn't find a way to write, I knew it was done. With college (UBC) a month and a half away, this is just another of many things ending right now, but I'll still miss writing here. It was a fun outlet for my obsession with hockey that helped me understand and appreciate it even more. Thank you to everyone who supported and read me for my extremely short run. It's nice to know that there are people even crazier about the game than me. Until I stop watching hockey for good (which, despite everything, won't happen any time soon) I'll be reading your blogs.
-Katie O'D
Last note: When I tell people that I'm going to school in Vancouver, they make some comment about the inevitability of becoming a Canucks fan. I want to say that doing so is, to me, roughly on the same level as hooking up with the creepiest guy at a party out of desperation, excusing his subsequent stalking as sweet and doting, marrying him after six months, and eventually becoming an alcoholic to block out the fact that he's spending all my money on some coked-out 19-year-old girl he's having an affair with. But I don't think they mean to insult me, so I just tell them that it's unlikely.
Go Bruins, Avs, and Oilers!
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